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White Paper on: Industry 4.0 in Glass Processing

Copyright 2016 Hans Kull 21.11.2016


Glass has a wide and varied use, from mass-produced glass containers for food of all kinds, to crafts with exclusive handmade single pieces. We limit ourselves to the flat glass industry, in particular to the processing of single pieces and small batches, with applications predominantly in construction (e.g. facades, windows, doors, showers, mirrors, kitchen splash backs) and interior design (e.g. display cases, furniture, and partitions).
This means I will not go into all mass-produced applications of flat glass such as windscreens, digital screens or solar panels. But there are many applications of flat glass in single pieces and small batches outside of construction and interior design, which also satisfy the criteria described herein and thus are included implicitly in the considerations below.
In connection with the processing of flat glass I will also look into its production, as far as is relevant for our considerations.

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