Economy 4.0

While in the US now the term Manufacturing 4.0 was coined as the equivalent to Industrie 4.0 in Germany, the Germans have moved on and coined more of these buzzwords of the 4.0 type.

It started with Logistics 4.0, which certainly has to happen in connection with Manufacturing 4.0, because that can only work if it works along the supply chain. So Logistics 4.0 is pretty much part of Manufacturing 4.0 and of course there would be a few more expressions of that type that would fit that pattern. So just let us come up with a few more of those, for example Maintenance 4.0 or Customise 4.0.

On the other hand the Germans did a study on the wider implications of Industrie 4.0 ( and in that context they came up with Wirtschaft 4.0 or what we would call Economy 4.0 in English. And of course we could extend on that again and come up with a few more, for example Work 4.0 (an important part of that study), Education 4.0 (lots of studies there, but I’m not sure any of those are addressing consequences and needs of Economy 4.0) or Utility 4.0. (I’ve seen that one, everyone trying to jump on the bandwagon I guess.)

The most recent of those was Mittelstand 4.0, and I came even across Police 4.0 too. It is clear that everybody will be affected, so let’s call that Society 4.0? After all, what I came across the other day was Customer 4.0 as well. Yep, you will have to change too. And because due to the Internet of Everything (IoE) it’s not just everybody affected, it’s everything else as well. However, World 4.0 sounds a bit like we had three before already and just in case 4.0 does not work, we can have another one!

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