Hans Kull

Hans Kull is an Innovator, Author and Speaker.

Hans is also founder and Managing Director of Inmatic, an Australian owned and operated company which was established in 2000 and specialises in Mass Customisation software for the manufacturing of bespoke products in automated factories. Hans moved to Australia in 1999 with his family, and founded Inmatic in order to continue developing problem-solving software for the manufacturing industry, along with his team.

In the last ten years, again under the guidance of Hans, the team developed automation projects for large factories in the glass industry as well as for joineries. In these industries the production of bespoke products can be automated to a high degree. This not only means automating production, but order processing as well. Smart software is used to make order entry as easy as possible, quoting and order processing is automated and production data generated and uploaded to the machines when needed. Hans has already led many Mass Customisation projects with his team behind him, such projects included working with one Europe’s largest glass manufacturers. In some of the glass factories for example, some regular but custom size insulation glass units are produced without any human touching a piece of glass. Read more

Future vision
Going forward Hans promotes Mass Customisation to go into more industries. Hans and his team are excited about what is being called the 4th Industrial Revolution – from smart factories to digital manufacturing and where applicable mass customisation. This means using computers to make all aspects of the manufacturing process smoother, error free and more cost effective.

Hans is a proud member of the following organisations:

  • ACM – Association of Computing Machinery
  • IEEE – Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
  • IEEE Computer Society
  • Rotary International